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The firm of solicitors acting for New Street must be registered with The Law Society, be a member of the Law Society CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) and have a minimum of 3 SRA Approved Managers.

Before you apply

You can check whether we will be able to accept a solicitor by using the Law Society link. There are a few steps to this process but it should only take you a minute.

The link above will take you to the Pro Search tool. Untick the box for ‘in-house teams, government departments and other employers’ and enter the postcode or city you are interested in, in the ‘Location’ box.

Select ‘Conveyancing – residential’ as the ‘Area of practice’ and click ‘More search options’ at the bottom of the box. 

This then opens up some new options including ‘Accreditations’. Select ‘Conveyancing Quality Scheme’ and press ‘Search’. 

You will now have a full list of all the available solicitors. Within that list you will need to select firms with at least 3 SRA members at organisation level. You can check this by clicking on the company name and then expanding the ‘People, offices and structure’ option. 

When you apply

When you complete your FMA you will see a link that allows you to search for a specific solicitor or create a list of solicitors in your area.

If your client chooses the solicitor that meets our requirements, the same solicitor can act for both of us and only one set of fees will be payable.