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How FinTech will revolutionise mortgages

First published in Mortgage Introducer, 18 March 2016 - The UK is the global capital for financial technology (FinTech) , an industry worth over £20bn in this country alone. Mortgage brokers are about to discover the improvements that technological advances have already brought to other financial services sectors.

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Testimonial - Alan Mudd, John Charcol

I think that the whole experience of dealing with New Street has been refreshing - to be able to speak to someone who has influence, in today's environment is very different and certainly reassuring. I've been trying to find a fault, and honestly, I can't.

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Testimonial - Virginia Harrow, John Charcol

I have done my first DIP with New Street and the system is fabulously simple to use – clear, logical and fast. Hoorah! If only all lenders’ systems were as user-friendly, easy and succinct as yours, my job would be a breeze! It really is a super system – and our Key Account Manager was also a superstar and extremely helpful.

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